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“Hey Everyone, we are aware of the case in Texas that has gone viral. We are being overwhelmed with messages at this time about this child. We cannot respond to all these messages. We never discuss a child with anyone other then the child and their legal guardian. Please also refrain from calling our helpline to report this case. We have absolutely no legal authority or legal standing in this matter, if you have information about this or any other case please report it to the authorities. “

International Executive Board

President Pipes
Vice President Guts
Secretary Lucy
Treasurer Red
Security Cuzn’ It

International Appointed Positions

Ambassador Rocky
Chapter Development Slim
Child Liaison High Maintenance
Clinical Advisor High Maintenance
Events Sis
Historian Beaker
Merchandiser Shadow
Public Relations Two Hawks
Art Director Rockit
Training M&M
IT Officer Mudbug


International Information Helpline Number 1-866-71-ABUSE   (1-866-712-2873)


North American Continental Executive Board


President Mouse
Vice President Tiburon
Secretary M&M
Security Mohawk
Treasurer Bear

North American Continental Appointed Positions

Chapter Development Rembrant
Child Liaison X
Trademark Specialist Boxer
Events Pebbles
Historian M&M
Merchandiser Shadow
Public Relations Bear
IT Officer Scorpio
Training Flash

European Continental Executive Board


President Thorin
Vice President Rock
Secretary Dr. Granny
Security Fluffy
Treasurer Smily

European Continental Appointed Positions


Europe Founder
Chapter Development Hobo
Child Liaison Digger
Clinical Adviser Psycho
Events Words
Historian Dudley
Merchandise BammBamm
Public Relations Dozer
Art Director
Training Rock
IT Officer Baloo